View the latest post Mission Viejo Football. Any news?

Any news on transfers in or out? Coaching staff anything??

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View the latest post Orange Lutheran. Will they be good this year?

So... Orange Lutheran. Will they be good this year?

They return their Q, Ryan Hilinski who looks like he's starting to pick up national interest. He also seems like he's made major improvements to his game from sophomore to junior year. Look for him to emerge as a top passer in the country if not already.

They return their workhorse receiving crew, Kyle Ford, Elijah Mojarro, Logan Loya and Josh Jac [...]

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View the latest post Intelligent Design

Intelligent design supports the idea of an intelligent Creator and His attributes.

"Intelligent design (ID) is the view that it is possible to infer from empirical evidence that 'certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.' Intelligent design cannot be inferred from complexity alone, sinc [...]

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View the latest post Best High School QB ever from O.C.?

This is bound to open a can of worms.

J.T. Daniels has recently put up stats that may never be matched, though this is clearly a pass-oriented era, and having an offensive line and receivers that may also be unequaled in history.

Anyone care to make the case for Todd Marinovich, who was every bit as heralded coming out of high school? And what about some of the other greats---Steve Beuerlein, Rob Jo [...]

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View the latest post 2018 Winter Olympians from OC

Carlo Valdes - Newport Beach - Mater Dei HS - 4 man bobsled

2008 Monarch football captain was 2-time All CIF in track and field (discus and 4x100). Threw javelin and was a football walk-on at UCLA. Introduced to bobsled by a former UCLA teammate. Sliding in his first Olympics. Says he is a fan of Chronic Tacos when he returns home (+1). Attended Mariners Christian School from preschool through jun [...]

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View the latest post D1 Soccer, Mission Viejo 2 Mater Dei 1

Congrats, Mission Viejo ends MD's season in Santa Ana. KARMA to Ramona for running her mouth. How 'bout them Devils !! :mrgreen:

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View the latest post Question for Mater Dei backers

The Transfer Musical Chairs discussions seems exhausted to me. "Our transfers are more pure (less mercenary) than yours" is a dead end.

Back to football. My question is: if you guys lose to Bosco in next season's CIF Championship game (as this matchup seems like a foregone conclusion), will you consider the season a disappointment? And what do think your chances are? Just an honest quest [...]

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View the latest post Oh So Close

But no cigar. Servite's Patrick Cantlay just misses a hole in one. Half the ball was overhanging the cup as it rolled by.

Had difficulty posting the video, but just click on the camera symbol and it will appear below.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Well, did not see THAT coming ...

"And the new Head Coach of YOUR Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits ... a coach from a D7 Episcopal school in south Orange County with no discernible ties to Long Beach!! #ALLPOLY #FUNKhouse #3StripeLife"

Wish I could have been at THAT press conference.

Congrats to Stephen Barbee. Did a helluva job under tough circumstances at St. M's in 2014, going 15-0 before losing in the state game. Defensive [...]

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View the latest post Coach of the Year.

Aaron Feis is my pick.

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