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View the latest post Good stuff from a not thought of team

Dana Hills football is a team that has been unspoken about for a long time. I saw this article and liked what I read. It's great to honor veterans. I like the way they do it. I hope they have some success in the future. Good on them!

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View the latest post Ah, Cliffside. You haven't changed a bit.

Kids at Cliffside Park (NJ) HS were speaking Spanish amongst themselves. English teacher throws a fit and tells them to speak "American". 50 kids walked out of 4th period today. ... 767774001/

The young Mr. Public was sent to the principal's office at Cliffside Park Jr. High because one of his teachers couldn't understand his southern accent. He'd li [...]

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View the latest post MD vs J Serra

Time for something new. JS has given MD fits in recent years and MD always plays bad week of Homecoming.
Is this going to be MD's trap game this year? After an emotional month of games I could easily see MD
having problems getting up for this one. Hope we have learned from past years and come to play.

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View the latest post Austria Takes a Turn to the Right.

Congratulations to Sebastian Kurz, Austria's 31 year old foreign minister, who is set to become the nation’s next chancellor and the youngest leader in the European Union.

Returns from Sunday’s parliamentary election show that Kurz’s right-leaning People’s Party had pulled a commanding lead over the far-right Freedom Party and the center-left Social Democrats.

Kurz, a Millennial from Vienna known [...]

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View the latest post Hi, I am new here.

Hi, I am a newbie here. I hope to meet new friends in this forum.

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View the latest post Anybody ever look at the back of a jar of nuts?

It's nice to have the information, but... seriously?


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View the latest post NoCal Fires

Devastation. Complete destruction. Fire so hot it burned through fireproof safes, melted the aluminum wheels of vehicles left behind and leveled entire neighborhoods.
35 (maybe 38) are dead and rising. Average age at one point was 75 as the elderly were unable to flee the fast moving flames.
5700 structures destroyed
Hotels, wineries, commercial space. Destroyed.
The smoke was so thick and tra [...]

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View the latest post SMCHS-Servite

Another week, another 50 dropped on the Friars. Servite, as it did last week, came out firing. Took four plays and about 1:30 to jump out, 7-0. It was 14-3 at one point in the 1st Q. But the Friars by that time had used up all four of their plays - Dive (right or left), fake dive/QB keeper (which did work a few times for big yardage), quick pass into left/right flat, and deep throw - and SMCHS sim [...]

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View the latest post The Supreme Court Dismisses First Travel Ban Challenge.

The ACLU lawsuit against the now expired first "travel ban" has been dismissed unanimously by the US Supreme Court. One of the liberal judges, Sonia Sotomayor, said she would not have wiped out the appeals court ruling.

The Trump administration has wanted the case dismissed, but the challengers had wanted the Court to rule on the cases, in the hope that if the decision went their way, tha [...]

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View the latest post Sustainability is a Rockefeller funded socialist plan for the world

(I posted this in the science section because I believe it explains a lot of the fraud, data massaging, left-wing activism, biased reporting, and other issues that we've seen with climate change.)

This socialist plan comes from the report "Our Common Future", released in 1987. Below is the link to the report:

If you go to the link above and [...]

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