Trinity league wrestling programs

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Trinity league wrestling programs

Postby cruiser » Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:35 pm

Interesting - threee Trinity teams finished, #2, #5, #8; in the CIFSS Central division championships.

Bosco - Servite - MD, in that order. Servite was down this year compared to previous years but
still a great program since their AD took over the program. Bosco always in the running for
the top spot as usual. The team that has really evolved over the past 3-4 years is the MD
team. The MD wrestling program was never given much thought over the past previous
years (although in previous posts I mentioned that MD had an up and coming elite program
in the early 60's and discontinued the program!) ---

but the current HC has really improved the program - if you add up all the other CIFSS
divisons and the OC team(s) final placement(s),MD would have finished in the top dozen programs
in the OC at the end of the season - not bad for a school that doesn't go all out for the wrestling
program like some of the other athletic programs.

It's too bad more of the FB players, (linemen and linebackers don't get involved in wrestling)
I suspect the FB coaches don't want to risk an injury for the FB season - some outstanding/legend
college and pro FB players wrestled in their time.

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