Home Automation - Looking for recommendations

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Home Automation - Looking for recommendations

Postby not4u13 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:56 am

I have an alarm system and I learned recently it can act as a ZWave Hub. I had been considering some level of home automation and thought I could just pick up some ZWave compatible equipment and it would work. Well, not so fast. My alarm company has the system locked down so they can charge you for everything. So, I'm considering one of the many systems independent of the alarm system.

I'm really interested in a few things. A door lock, themostat a few light switches and perhaps a garage door opener that can all be controlled from a single hub. I've heard good things about the Samsung system that supports Zigbee and ZWave. Google has their own system and there are all sorts of smart light bulbs. It can all get very expensive, but I want it to all work together.

Anyone try this? Any thoughts?

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