OC HS Top Football Committed Recruits Class 2019

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Re: OC HS Top Football Committed Recruits Class 2019

Postby OutOfState » Wed May 30, 2018 2:54 am

Credo, as a MD supporter I understand your point but I have accepted that we live in different times. The school has not changed its mission in any way. Yes MD has had many transfers over the years and several high profile ones the past couple. However, I am pretty sure that just as many, if not more, kids have transferred OUT of MD over the same time period. I particularly don’t like this culture of transfers but it is what it is. I can say that last season’s championship was just as sweet as any of the the others.

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Re: OC HS Top Football Committed Recruits Class 2019

Postby NotDonaldBren » Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:25 pm

Credo ut intelligam wrote:Source of the post Not one will even venture a mild "yeah, it's better if we didn't have to take other schools' top players..."

Wait, you mean how Servite pillaged other schools for top prospects for the last several years????

How could Servite have any players that have "earned their way up the ranks" when the remains of the team were sitting behind transfers who have now escaped The Sunken Place to transfer out??

Its not surprising Troy is counting on incoming freshmen like his son to at least win some games in August and September.

Wait here comes "Lionhunter" to inform us about how Servite never takes "good transfers," heathen non-Catholics or rentals :roll: ...

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Re: OC HS Top Football Committed Recruits Class 2019

Postby SK80 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:26 am

Ethan Rae Commits to USC, when he knew & why

"Orange Lutheran tight end Ethan Rae began feeling USC was the right fit for him nearly two months ago, and Thursday night he announced his commitment to the Trojans.

“I honestly started to get a feeling probably two months ago,” said Rae. “Each time I was on campus, starting last year when I was at their camp and got the offer, I just had a different feeling and started noticing it each time I was back on campus. The feeling USC was the place for me just kept getting stronger and stronger.”

Although Rae had said he had planned on taking an unofficial visit with his parents to USC, he never made the visit public. TrojanInsider.com didn't know about the visit until he sent us photos from the visit last week. But that visit left no doubt in Rae's mind about being a Trojan.

”The unofficial visit me and my parents took last month sealed the deal for USC,” Rae said."

Good call by the kid from Anaheim Hills....!! My favorite line is "From the OC to USC"! :thumbsup:

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