Small Screen Viewer Thingie

Please try this. See how your page looks to at least 20% of your viewers. You'd be amazed how bad a page can look when it's viewed on a smaller screen than it was laid out on. An image that was centered can be way over at the side or not even on the screen, and frames can be cut off so that their contents can't even be seen.

Most of the time, these problems are very easy to fix. It's usually just a matter of shaving 5 or 10 pixels off a frame or changing a frame or table from a fixed size to a percentage. Play with them and see what you come up with.

So how does it work? Easy! Just plug the URL of your choice into the box below, push the button, and Voila! You have a 640 x 480 window with just the essential toolbars open. If you use Netscape, remember that the window in Internet Explorer is just a little smaller (5 or 10 pixels), so make allowances if you want. Opera is even smaller, but you'll be here all day trying to squeeze a page into that window! The WebTV window is 600 x 400, but since it handles frames, tables and even colors differently, I can't duplicate it here. See my WebTV page for information on dealing with it.