Are we going back to single-income households? Can we?

Somebody I follow on Twitter retweeted this and it brought my scrolling to a dead stop.

The knee-jerk reaction is “We need free childcare!”

The stop-and-think-for-a-minute reaction is “Wow. Can we do that?”

There’s so many moving parts to the question that I have no idea what the answer would be. We did great on single incomes from 1945 until sometime in the 1970’s when two incomes started to be the norm. Houses got bigger and nicer, cars became more expensive and everybody had two, our toys became more expensive and more common. And the workforce nearly doubled. And relative incomes went down for most people to the point that a second income became a necessity. I’m not sure we could go back without major economic and political impacts. Our economy these days just isn’t set up for the world the Cleavers lived in.

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