As Foreign-Born U.S. Population Increases, Incomes Decrease

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Re: As Foreign-Born U.S. Population Increases, Incomes Decre

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I explained why it isn't true John. Canadian government taxes do not pay for medical care, the people who use it do. So, I don't

Regarding the rest of your post. What are those reasons John? We cannot have a discussion if you don't give me the reasons for your post.

Regarding Lawry-Lipton, you said he retired. OK, but he doesn't represent what is happening to current American workers. Was his job ever in jeopardy from immigrants?
Who in their right mind uses a welcome sign to mean people who would come into their home uninvited, paid by their neighbors who are using their illegal labor, overrun the neighborhood, and refuse to leave?
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Re: As Foreign-Born U.S. Population Increases, Incomes Decre

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Brooke, everything isn't always about illegals.. Sure, illegals took a lot of entry level jobs and deprived our kids from getting their foot in the door. They still occupy too many jobs because this government refuses to implement border control, immigration law, or Everify. Higher taxes, government mandates, and unions have priced our goods out of the reach of the world market. Failure to protect intellectual property rights and patents has lead to wholesale piracy of our goods. Our education system has dumbed down so far that 3rd world countries produce better engineers, technicians and scientists than we..
What we have is a political class more interested in getting elected and re-elected than what's best for the US and it's people.
I don't suffer from any mental illnesses.. I enjoy them..
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