When does your work day end?

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When does your work day end?

Post by John Q. Public »

Or begin, too, I guess.

I heard a story today about a new labor agreement in France that allows people in the tech and "consultancy" businesses to not answer their phones or emails after 6:00 PM. I kind of like it.

I had dinner with a friend a couple weeks ago and her phone rang about every 15 minutes until sometime after 9:00. It reminded me why I got out of management. I used to work 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM if you count the phone calls. Except I was salaried and fairly high up in the company, so it just went with the job. Trouble is, my friend is hourly. She's a supervisor but she's hourly and she wasn't on the clock and she had no way of reporting that half hour of her time she spent on the phone with her boss. That's technically illegal but it's expected.

With all of the jobs I've seen change from salaried to hourly in the last 15 to 20 years and all of the work I see people being expected to do off the clock, I wish we could get an agreement like that here. Well, actually we do. We have a law that covers it but employers don't pay attention to it. I wish there was a way of forcing them to. Maybe they'd put some of those jobs back on salary.
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Re: When does your work day end?

Post by not4u13 »

I don't get many people hone calls, even during the work day. For me it is email. The boss sends message all day every day. No real expectation of an immediate answer, but implied expediency at times.

I am salary and I work about 11 hrs a day in the office and often handle email throughout the evening and weekends. In that way, I am never really off the clock. I used to take an on call rotation but those days ended long ago.

The workplace is definitely changing. I notice how few people are in the office when I arrive and when I leave. Even my boss. Because the work doesn't require me to be there though, time spent in the office is not a measure of how much time is spent on work.
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Re: When does your work day end?

Post by AsIfYouKnew »

My day is flexible. I manage my projects, the company get's paid, life is good. Though for the most part, I work from about 8:00 to 5:00. However, travel can eat into that as well.
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Re: When does your work day end?

Post by Notorious »

Generally 11:00 PM - 9 A.M.

But I also get email on my work phone that I typically need to read but not really respond to that much. Also I constantly get called about questions regarding work on my days off.
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