Any real reason why gay is wrong?

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Re: Any real reason why gay is wrong?

Postby AsIfYouKnew » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:44 am

slowyoroll wrote:
Not sure what this BS means but I know that Gay people are born Gay period.
This fact is not even open for discussion.

If that is so, where is the proof?

Don't you think people have been looking long and hard for this proof?

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Re: Any real reason why gay is wrong?

Postby GOODave » Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:15 am

As with Simon Levay's earlier work, it looks like your 2nd link (can't find anything in the first link) authors were predisposed to find as they did. In fact, in rahman's study of identical twins, only 35% showed any deviation between the two twins in each set that might show a genetic connection.

I have never disputed there is a possible genetic predisposition towards preferring the same gender, sexually, but to suggest based on any of the currently available evidence that "gay people are born gay, period" because of the few any of us know personally and have talked to about the subject is not supported and quite foolhardy.

IN my opinion, heterosexuality is hard-wired into us. If one of those wires is frayed AND the environmental factors are "right," then an individual might be attracted to the same gender. IF that person gets older and acts upon that attraction, THEN they can rightly be called homosexual.

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