FAA's new ATC system NextGen causing major noise pollution

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FAA's new ATC system NextGen causing major noise pollution

Postby Hanna » Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:17 pm

During the fight against El Toro airport, we were "promised" by the supes that planes would take eastward, away from population center. Of course, no one took them seriously. No pilot in his right mind would go uphill with a tail wind.

Now we find out that the FAA has changed the way planes can take off, in a more tight path right on top of houses and that it does not need any impact studies before it implement the new studies, nor does it have to notify the affected residents.

I watched the program this morning on CBS this morning and could only shake my head.

America's antiquated air traffic control system is getting an upgrade.

The overhaul is designed to keep up with increasing air travel and the push for on-time flights. But parts of the country, including the area hosting Super Bowl XLIX, are paying a steep price for progress, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

Nicole Marquez just moved her bedroom into the middle of her house and put Plexiglas on all of her windows. She lives in Phoenix, so it's not to keep the heat in, but rather to keep the noise out. She said there is a constant barrage of airplanes flying over her home in a historic neighborhood near downtown Phoenix -- every 30 seconds for hours at a time.


This is the unintended consequence of the FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). It uses satellites instead of old-fashioned radar to guide airplanes. This allows for more planes in the air, safely spaced closer together, and burning less fuel because their flight paths are more direct.

But in Phoenix, that change mean planes that used to take off and turn nine miles out now make that turn at two to three miles, flying low over heavily populated neighborhoods. Noise complaints have taken off too, soaring from 221 in all of 2013 to more than 3,300 in just the past four months since the flight paths were changed.

Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix, said the FAA did not hold a single public hearing notifying neighbors of the change, nor did the agency ever meet with him. The FAA said it did notify the airport as far back as 2012. Stanton said he feels blind-sided by the FAA.


http://www.cbsnews.com/news/faa-new-air ... pollution/
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