The tragedy next to Miramar

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The tragedy next to Miramar

Postby Hanna » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:08 pm

The one where a fighter jet lost an engine and crashed on a house, killing a whole family.

This, of course, is why airports should not be next to residential areas.

The Marines decided to close El Toro because of "residential encroachment." Even when it was still alive, the commander objected to Irvine building a medical center on Sand Canyon Ave. because it was too close to the base.

Most crashed take place either after takeoff or before landing thus building and people close to an airport are in danger.

In most cases, airports (and military bases) are built far from residential areas, however pretty soon developments take place and then the airports are being pressured, as was with El Toro.

Still, once the base closed, it was insane to replace it with a large commercial one. This is why we fought against it, this is why our information worked.

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