One reason why I hate hollywood

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One reason why I hate hollywood

Postby Red » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:31 pm

This is so disgusting. Paying Hollywood MY TAX dollars for a lousy law they are shoving down our throats. I really pray the American people wake up and
JUST SAY NO!" to steal a great phrase from a great man. ... ines/print

Hollywood targeted to include Obamacare in TV plot lines

Published November 04, 2013

| Associated Press

The health care overhaul might get a Hollywood rewrite.

The California Endowment, a private foundation that is spending millions to promote President Barack Obama's signature law, recently provided a $500,000 grant to ensure TV writers and producers have information about the Affordable Care Act that can be stitched into plot lines watched by millions.

The aim is to produce compelling prime-time narratives that encourage Americans to enroll, especially the young and healthy, Hispanics and other key demographic groups needed to make the overhaul a success.

"We know from research that when people watch entertainment television, even if they know it's fiction, they tend to believe that the factual stuff is actually factual," said Martin Kaplan of the University of Southern California's Norman Lear Center, which received the grant.

The public typically gets as much, if not more, information about current events from favorite TV programs as mainstream news outlets, Kaplan said, so "people learn from these shows."

California Republican strategist Jonathan Wilcox, who has taught a course on politics and celebrity at USC, said the attempt to engage Hollywood was coming too late to influence views, and he doubted fictionalized TV would play into families' decisions about health care.

"This is an attempt to use entertainment pop culture to fix a political challenge," he said. "It will be received as a partisan political message, no matter how cleverly it's delivered."

About 16 percent of Americans are uninsured and surveys have shown many still know little or nothing about the health care law even though sign-ups for insurance have started. The challenge for law's supporters is to connect with the millions of Americans who, for whatever reason, haven't paid attention so far.

The 18-month grant, to the Lear Center's Hollywood Health & Society program, will be used for briefings with staff from television shows and to track health overhaul-related depictions on prime time and Spanish-language television.

Since the grant money was provided so recently, no plot lines involving health care have been written. And Kaplan isn't targeting specific shows.

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Re: One reason why I hate hollywood

Postby Parrotpaul » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:49 pm

Ummm, was Nancy Reagan who championed the "just say no" campaign.

Everything else that is uniquely "American" and significantly impacts Americans works its way into TV/film scripts and screenplays quickly as well.
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Re: One reason why I hate hollywood

Postby Wabash » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:08 pm

Awesome news. Good to see a truly capitalist enterprise like the entertainment industry supporting this issue.

The conservative entertainment industry (aka Fox News, Limbaugh, et al) is doing its part for the anti-Obamacare effort.

Thanks for posting Red.
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