The Black Panthers had a band?

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The Black Panthers had a band?

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Yeah. The Lumpen - (Loom-pen) - as in Lumpenproletariat - Marxist term meaning the lowest, most downtrodden class that rises up and leads the Revolution. I'd never heard of them but the article says they played a lot and were pretty well received. They even had matching outfits and did all the choreography you'd expect from any '70's R&B group worth its salt. Kind of.

“Once we hit the stage, [it was] nonstop,” Torrence says. “Even mixed in a dance routine where we would act out brothers on the block playing dice, and James Mott would be a cop. He’d come and harass one and he’d be beating this brother up, and he’d be beating him with a club and I’m watching it, and then I’d finally get disgusted and I’d jump on the cop and Clark and I together, we’d beat the cop down. So it wasn’t just the singing, it was the choreography.” ... house-band

Just like the Temptations but not at all like the Temptations.

The A-side sounds like it was recorded in a garage on a 1-track cassette recorder but the B-side isn't bad. If you like songs about revolutionary communism and killing cops.

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