Forgotten Giant Arrows

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Forgotten Giant Arrows

Post by SoMelo » Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:02 pm

A couple months back JQP's Foreign Babe posted a story about the Forgotten Giant Arrows. They are 50=70' concrete arrows placed in the ground by the US Postal Service back in 1924 to guide the pilots carrying Air Mail.
On Thursday we had set out to find one. It was about 9 miles east of Baker on Hwy 10 at the Halloran Springs Road.
The 3rd picture was taken from our car; it was as close as we could get to it without a 4WD vehicle. I used a telephoto lens and put a red arrow pointing to the building used to hold the generator back in the day (for the light on the beacon for night flights). It was about a mile hike up to the base of the mountain and then about another mile up a really bad soft sandy road.
The link has another link that lists all the locations, there are a few in Orange County, but I'm not sure the concrete arrows are still there.

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Re: Forgotten Giant Arrows

Post by John Q. Public » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:15 pm

Interesting. According to the site, they had two within paddling distance in the Trestles area. One at Lowers and one at Cotten's Point.

Sidenote: The FB got the link from old GF (a really old one). They're friending each other. Should I worry? :shock:
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