Hi-Tech Employers Seek More Foreign Workers to Depress Wages

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Re: Hi-Tech Employers Seek More Foreign Workers to Depress W

Post by not4u13 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:34 am

Brooke wrote:The STEM Shortage Is A Myth

The Economic Policy Institute published an informative paper several weeks ago that broke down a lot of the myths around the STEM shortage.
1) STEM is more than just Computer Science (as Ford pointed out).
2) Did you read anything posted in the link I included in my earlier post? Go back and look. You seem quite capable of reading information from web sites, perhaps you can read about STEM Advantage.
3) Private enterprise determines how much it is willing to pay for a skill. Some people feel that their skill is worth more than companies are willing to pay. Just because someone thinks they are worth more, doesn't mean they are worth more.

Looking at the real world you realize you can't go anywhere or do anything without computers anymore. Now that computers are everywhere and demand for tech increases, there is also a need to control the expenses related to the development, manufacture and repair of these increasingly complex systems. Without a doubt, you need tech savvy resources. You can't afford to pay top dollar for every resource or you will price your product right out the market in recovery the costs for those expensive resources. At some point you just decide to go with less qualified people, lower quality product or something with less functionality.

Companies can't continue to dump more and more money after tech talent. The top talent are still finding lucrative careers, but there are some who come out of college and expect triple digit starting salaries. That isn't going to happen and when it doesn't they claim that there must not be a shortage because they can't find a job that pays what they want to earn ... think they should earn.

With computers everywhere and every company needing tech workers, there are going to be companies that don't have particularly attractive working conditions. Benefits are low, pay is low, hours are long, workplace is dark and dreary (or bright and sterile), expectations are unrealistic, etc. Not every tech job is glamorous. Not every tech job should pay well.

I know the tech sector personally. I don't know Science and Engineering as well. I suspect their situation is very differnet.
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