Barron's editorial pushes legal weed

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Barron's editorial pushes legal weed

Post by Parrotpaul » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:37 am

Barron's cover story this week:

Should Pot Be Legal?



Legalizing marijuana will hurt drug lords, help cash-strapped states, and ease burdens on police and prisons. Yet D.C. dithers.

It's not just about the right to light up. With the nation's retail marijuana market estimated at about $30 billion, legalization also would bring some important economic benefits. It could lead to sharply lower prices, striking a blow to the Mexican drug cartels and American street gangs. Pot could be produced in the U.S. for much less than Mexican pot produced illegally. By some estimates, illegality adds 50% to marijuana's prices. If both countries legalized the drug, Mexicans might grow a lot of it and sell it to American consumers, but the inexpensive legal product would not draw the attention of the ultraviolent Mexican drug traffickers any more than Mexican tomatoes do

Vegas got rid of the Mafia when corporate took over the gambling game. Someone came up with the idea, MBA's could probably do a better job than crooks. Mexican cartels could probably be significantly reduced with corporate funding independent farmers to work for them.
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