Fire Clayton Chau

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Fire Clayton Chau

Post by Fordama »

Public health director for Orange County, Clayton Powell, should have been fired when it was discovered that part of his doctoral credits were from a fraudulent internet mill, or fired when it was revealed that he had to pay fines for not reporting speaking fees, or fired when he repealed the mask mandate that his predecessor put into place.

Can he at least get fired for the complete clusterhump of a vaccine "release" then? How long does a guy have to stay an f-up to get ran out of town? The only reason I know how bad of a job is going on is that I have friends around the state in the same tier (1B) that got their first dose as early as last Wednesday. Here, not even a sniff of even being able to get an appointment through their ridiculous app.

Time for some competency.
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Re: Fire Clayton Chau

Post by John Q. Public »

LA County's just as bad. I read about people in my group already getting it but the best I can get locally is "maybe February." I haven't even been able to find out why.

FWIW, I just saw a headline that said Trump promised 100K by January but we've only hit 31K. WTF, man. Where's the holdup, state, fed, local, manufacturing, what?
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Re: Fire Clayton Chau

Post by Wabash »

Fordama wrote: Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:25 am How long does a guy have to stay an f-up to get ran out of town?
I am always impressed at the number of people in high positions who somehow manage to fail upwards.
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