Urban hot spot?

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Urban hot spot?

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Urban hot spot?
Parks, a trail, bridges, a library and a community center considered near John Wayne Airport.

City officials are aiming to remake the old business district near John Wayne Airport by adding bridges, sidewalks, a shuttle system, trails, a library, a community center with a gym and more public art.

On Tuesday night, the City Council began moving toward approval of a blueprint for a $74 million project for the stretch. City staff members suggest $12 million collected from developers for parks can be used; other funding sources have not yet been identified.

The area is 2,670 acres near the airport, known as the Irvine Business Complex – a collection of 30-year-old businesses, commercial offices and condo buildings. City officials have been attempting since the 1980s to make it an urban hot spot where people live, work and shop all while walking, biking or using mass transit rather than driving a car.

The area is the envy of other communities, especially as it evolves into a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly, residential, industrial, office, commercial and recreational center, said Councilman Sukhee Kang.

The council unanimously agreed to complete surveys of residents and business owners in the complex before making a decision on the improvements.

Several business owners came to speak at the meeting. Maryann Desmond, co-owner of Best Inc., submitted written comments to the council that an environmental impact report should be completed before improvements are considered.

“This will ruin the dream of what could have been in the IBC,” she said.

As listed below, capital costs are one-time only, and operations and maintenance costs are annual.

The proposed package of improvements includes:
This year to 20 1 0 Create a shuttle system, build a pedestrian bridge at Jamboree Road and Michelson Drive, add sidewalks and upgrade signals so emergency vehicles can preempt traffic lights. Capital cost: $20.6 million; operations and maintenance costs are more than $2.5 million.

2010-2015: Add landscaping to the San Diego Creek flood control channel to begin developing a “creekwalk,” add more sidewalks, build more pedestrian bridges over Jamboree Road at Main Street and Dupont Drive. Capital cost: $28.1 million; operations and maintenance cost: $460,000.

2015-2030: Build a branch library and a parking structure, add more bridges over Jamboree Road, north of Main Street and south of Alton Parkway, and create a bicycle and pedestrian bridge for the “creekwalk.” Capital cost: $22.2 million.

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4,234 residences are occupied (9 projects). 3,689 residences are approved; some are under construction (1 3 projects). 4,966 residences are awaiting approval by the city (1 5 projects). 4 residential projects have been pulled from consideration by developers (Irvine Crossings, 2323 Main, The Village and 2900 McCabe).
SOURCE: City of Irvine

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