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And Bonnie O'Neal

Post by Hanna » Wed Nov 01, 2006 11:19 am

Agreement great, but fight not over - DP letter 10/31/06

Thank you, thank you, thank you Newport Beach City Council; Bob Burnham; City Manager Homer Bludau; Supervisors Bill Campbell, John Moorlach, and Jim Silva; and I'm sure others who have been working hard on our behalf.

Those people just gave the gift of a better quality of life to those of us affected by the approaching or departing flight paths at John Wayne Airport. They negotiated an agreement that allows the city of Newport Beach veto power to stop any further expansion plans at John Wayne.

That is a huge victory for all the concerned citizens who have struggled for years to keep their neighborhoods from being further abused by increases in air and noise pollution. Now we have a measure of peace knowing plans for any further airport expansion is highly unlikely.

Can we all completely relax now? No! Those of us affected by the airport haven't that luxury. There will always be people whose interests are opposite ours, who will plot and plan ways to increase the number of flights at John Wayne. Fortunately, we have dedicated officials and "watch-dog" citizens groups who will work to keep that from happening.

Newport Beach

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