Making nice with the foes of airport expansion

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Making nice with the foes of airport expansion

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Monday, December 31, 2007
Making nice with the foes of airport expansion

To cool things down, you go where the heat is. That's apparently what John Wayne Airport Director Alan Murphyis doing with his appearances before local service clubs. Pressure from angry Newport-Mesa residents has apparently frustrated some of the airport's recent expansion plans.

The effort to convert the back nine holes of the Newport Beach Golf Course to airport parking has now been nixed, and Murphy tells locals part of the present parking crunch will soon be alleviated by the construction of two new parking structures.

Meanwhile, federal court orders resulting from local lawsuits cap airport activities at 10.3 million passengers annually. Says Murphy, that's 100,000 more passengers a year than at the busiest terminal in the U.S.

And, he says, he will presently be able to keep to that figure and hold any further passenger expansion at bay. Stay tuned.

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