Talk About: Musick Jail expansion

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Talk About: Musick Jail expansion

Post by Hanna » Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:24 pm

Talk About Musick Jail expansion - IWN 2/8/07

We asked readers last week to talk about the Musick Jail expansion. A story in last week’s Irvine World News discussed the claim by city officials that the county wants to expand the jail to make a profit renting out beds to other agencies. The Sheriff’s Office denies that claim, but did not rule out the possibility. Here are two readers’ thoughts on the topic:

Promoting and pandering to hysterical fear is a favorite tactic of liberals and NIMBYs
Now they use … petty emotionalism to deny badly needed space for convicted criminals, preferring to release 1,500 before their sentences were served, to a very remote possibility of one or two escaping, maybe.
Such irrational fear-mongering might be amusing if it were not so widespread, destructive and costly to society.
John Jaeger

Irvine will no longer be known as one of the safest cities but rather as having one of the largest jails in the country! North Irvine Villages Association (NIVA) opposed the expansion since day one. Irvine¹s efforts to prevent its implementation may be unduly optimistic. NIVA has stressed the need for the city to negotiate acceptable modifications to minimize impacts on the North Irvine community. These include a firm commitment from the county to (1) continue the current practice of no inmate release or booking at the jail and (2) use shortest, most direct routing between the I-5 Freeway and the jail over which to transport inmates to and from courts.
With the proposed mediumsecurity, there are concerns about visitations – not so much the visits themselves – but rather with the visitors. Obviously there will be more visitors. The makeup of the visitors may, in many cases, be as threatening or more so than the inmates and may well
choose to wander into our community and possibly spend time at our various venues.
There was always concern about escapes, but with medium-security housing, this concern takes on greater importance. Any escapees would be more threatening in the adjacent residential and future Great Park where adults and children are expected to be able to meander and play with safety and security.
Irvine must not put all efforts into stopping expansion but make certain adequate measures are in place to assure safety and security of its residents regardless of the outcome with the county.
David J. Melvold
president, NIVA

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