[Irvine] City Council: Great Park money...

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[Irvine] City Council: Great Park money...

Post by Hanna » Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:30 pm

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
City Council meets tonight
On the agenda: Great Park money, Irvine Business Complex sidewalks and 2008 voter campaign.

The City Council meets at 4 p.m. today, Tuesday.

Here are some highlights from the agenda. Check back here during and after the meeting to see how the council members voted.

Great Park money

Vote: Approved with a 3-2 vote (Christina Shea and Steven Choi dissenting).

Item: A new plan being proposed could help the Great Park Corp. gain about $136 million to build the park. Under the plan:

1. The Irvine Redevelopment Agency would buy city land for $136 million. This is not Great Park land, it is city land just southeast of the future park. The money comes from a Great Park special fund that is not being used for park building. The money would be paid back over time as the Redevelopment Agency makes money from the base's redevelopment.

2. The sale proceeds, $136 million, would go to the Great Park Corp. and could be used for any park costs, including construction.

3. The Redevelopment Agency would develop the land bought from the city. The plot near the Great Park would include a mix of affordable housing.

If the plan is approved in concept, staff will present an agreement for the land transfer deal within 60 days.

Train station parking

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: Approval to spend an additional $950,000 to design and build a 1,500-space parking garage at the Irvine train station. The money will be reimbursed to the city by the Orange County Transportation Authority. The additional money is needed because bids for the project exceeded available funds. The total cost of the project, $25.8 million, will be funded by grant programs through the Orange County Transportation Authority. Construction of a temporary parking lot is expected to be finished in late June. The parking garage construction is expected to begin in early July and take one year to finish. The action has been recommended for approval by the Finance Commission.

Irvine Business Complex sidewalks

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: Proposal to build sidewalks along Red Hill Avenue, Von Karman Avenue, Alton Parkway and McGaw Avenue. The project is estimated to cost $737,800 and that funding is available from a state grant and the city's Irvine Business Complex transportation management funds.

Africa Project art exhibit

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: Allocation of city support for an art display at City Hall by the Africa Project. The project is asking to use the City Hall lobby, display walls and lighting, and support to set up the display. The exhibition called "Illuminations: Images of Africa" is intended to raise awareness of local work being done to support children in Africa whose lives are impacted by AIDS.

Zoning ordinance

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: A second reading is required for this proposed ordinance to become law. It would modify city law to confirm to state law on how residential development projects are given bonuses when building affordable housing as an incentive.

City street names

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: City engineer would be authorized to review and approve, or disapprove, final plans, associated bonds and agreements and streets.

Non-profit funding

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: Allocations of state and federal grants to various non-profits requesting funds.

Jewel of Orange County

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Item: City would buy one table for 10 people at a cost of $5,000 for the second annual Jewel of Orange County fundraiser organized by the Great Park Conservancy.

Vote 2008

Vote: Approved with a 3-2 vote (Christina Shea and Steven Choi dissenting).

Item: Mayor Beth Krom is asking the council start planning a voter outreach program for the November 2008 presidential and local elections. Krom proposes an effort to register more voters with the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and UC Irvine. She also says the city should invite each presidential candidate to visit the city.

Energy representation
Vote: Approved with a 3-2 vote (Christina Shea and Steven Choi dissenting).

Item: Mayor Beth Krom is recommending that Councilman Sukhee Kang take over for her in representing the city on the Community Energy Partnership and Aspen Accord, a national, environmental group of civic leaders.

Contact the writer: Sonya Smith, 949-553-2911 or sosmith@ocregister.com

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