NPB Council to pass JWA anti expansion resolution

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NPB Council to pass JWA anti expansion resolution

Post by Hanna » Sun Jun 24, 2007 7:32 am

Newport Beach Council to pass JWA anti expansion resolution - El Toro Info Site

Tuesday, the Newport Beach City Council is expected to pass a resolution that is a model for a group of John Wayne Airport "corridor cities" whose councils support certain restrictions on the airport. The Corridor City Coalition is comprised of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Tustin, Anaheim and Orange.

The resolution fails to directly address utilization of the terminal space, new gates and parking that will be added to the airport in the next several years. Rather, it opposes physical expansion of the airport perimeter, lengthening of runways, displacing of general aviation (which would free up capacity for commercial aircraft), and changes in the noise ordinance that incorporates limits on the number of flights and passengers allowed to use the airport.

In several ways, the action belatedly puts JWA expansion foes somewhat on the same page with El Toro airport opponents. Those who called their South County neighbors NIMBY's for wanting airports anyplace but Not In My Back Yard now acknowledge that we are all NIMBY's.

Elements of the resolution echo parts of Measure F which was passed by voters in 2000 and then overturned in the courts by Newport Beach activists. Measure F barred any expansion of any county airport or its operations - including JWA - without approval from 2/3 of voters countywide.

The new Corridor City Coalition also opposes any attempt by out-of-county entities to obtain control over JWA. During the fight over El Toro, Los Angeles sought to gain control of the former Marine air base as an annex to LAX. Some opponents of JWA expansion - including the head of the Newport Beach-based Airport Working Group - supported the LA attempt when it applied to El Toro but now oppose outsider influence on Orange County aviation.

More recently, Newport Beach concern has focused on protecting JWA from expansion pressure from the reactivated Southern California Regional Airport Authority.

The resolution supports development of access to out-of-county airports using roadway improvements and air-rail links. This has been a long-time position of El Toro opponents including ETRPA and this website.

Those who insisted, during the El Toro debate, that Orange County must be self sufficient in airport capacity in order to prosper have adjusted their convictions.

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