Unifying cities along the JWA corridoer

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Unifying cities along the JWA corridoer

Post by Hanna » Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:15 am

Costa Mesa City Council members on Tuesday approved a pact intended to unify cities in the John Wayne Airport corridor, but some of the cities involved seem to be approaching their cooperation cautiously.

The pact, proposed by Newport Beach, is a set of statements about the co-signing cities' agreement to solve public demand for air travel without expanding John Wayne Airport. The Santa Ana City Council unanimously approved the pact Monday but deleted two sections, and Costa Mesa voted it in Tuesday with several caveats.

The cities likely all would agree they don't want to see the airport expand. But Costa Mesa council members questioned a position opposing any decrease in general aviation — smaller, noncommercial aircraft — because they said their city is more heavily affected by those operations.

Council members in Costa Mesa also said they want to begin lobbying to protect their community as the end of the settlement agreement capping flights and passenger levels at John Wayne Airport draws closer. The agreement expires in 2015.

DP 8/9/07

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