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Re: Vegetarianism...

Post by Parrotpaul » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:34 am

John Q. Public wrote:What about eating out? My brother says it's hit and miss. You either get salad or the chef will take it as a challenge and come up with something really great.
The bride has had some interesting and surprising visits to restaurants who are much more oriented to serving meat dishes than veggie dishes. She simply asks if the chef could put together a veggie stir or something close. Curiously enough, the spur-of-the-moment culinary challenge to chefs apparently inspires them. The bride has had some of the best veggie dishes in restaurants whose menu does not accomodate vegetarians....the chef at Players Sports bar on Moulton in Laguna Hills comes up with terrific dishes....they also have GREAT burgers....the fries are as good as can be had anywhere.
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Re: Vegetarianism...

Post by GOODave » Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:10 am

John Q. Public wrote: Okra?
Of all the vegetables I've tried, I would have to say Okra is the exception to my 'I love vegetables" rule.

Now, mind you, it has been years since I've tried it and it is quite possible the cook at the time (me) had no idea how to prepare Okra so that it is tasty ... but whatever the case, I've not been a fan all these years because of it.

That said, I cannot think of any (other) vegetable that I've tried that I don't like. I don't necessarily like EVERY way it's been prepared (sauerkraut, for example, although I do love cabbage), but vegetables are very high on my list.

And I don't eat any red meat at all: Not because of any philosophical disagreement, of course, but because I don't want a lot of excess uric acid in my system. Fish and chicken, mostly, for the proteins.

As to non-meat sources of protein, there are quite a few:
  • Soy products
  • Seeds, nuts, and grains (in prepared grains, stick to WHOLE grain products)
  • Most dairy products (but also have a lot of fat, unless otherwise marked)
  • Eggs (of course ... and either brown or white ... should include the yoke, though, for "full" proteins)
  • Seitan: Which, as I gather, is similar to Tofu, but is a mixture of water and flour to produce a gluetn which is served with Soy Sauce or put into sauces and stews ... apparently a rich source.

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