Servite's Patrick Cantlay is $175,500 Richer

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Re: Servite's Patrick Cantlay is $175,500 Richer

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Omar Bongo wrote:Is it because golf is "harder" or somehow more "noble" than basketball, et al., or is it something about this particular young man? :-k

I posted back when I was a marshal at Servite's home golf course that some kid named Cantlay was playing a different game than his peers in high school. He showed unusual poise at a time when most kids his age wanted to play grab ass with the cart girl. Never heard anyone say he's anything but a great young man.

Patrick Cantlay Update. According to reports Cantlay hurt his back and has been off several months. Despite this he has made $330,516 in 13 starts on the WEB and PGA tour. He should make it back in time to secure his PGA card for next year.
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