Klay Thompson Drafted Into NBA

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Re: Klay Thompson Drafted Into NBA

Post by mdmagic32 » Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:17 pm

lto, i agree that it is quite possible that you will see nearly half the players in the nba from outside the us. i really do not have an issue with that, as the game will only become stronger on a worldwide level. i do hope that leagues around the world that have a quota on how many us born players are allowed on a team end that.

the issue is that players in other countries are allowed to go to sport specific programs and dont have to go through the facade that is college basketball where top players go to a uni play30 or so games and are out. aau is not a credible alternative either everyone knows that. basically every sport in the world is treated like this (with the exception of the nfl where no one outside the us really plays)

i do know that soccer in this country is trying to put together programs similar to the way it works in other countries but it is slow to take off and can be very costly for the parents. my cousin is going into his junior year at a hs in arizona, and was all state last year. he has played with the real salt lake junior team in the past and has been invited this upcoming year to go full time to their academy, The issue is that he would then have to leave his school team (that just won their first state title in school history) and move 4 hours away, attend a hs (where he would not play) and then live in the facilities . Both he and his parents are torn about the decision as the focus on academics really is not there at all. He is a solid student and some great schools have already begun to express interest. He also enjoys the high school experience. This is a decision many top athletes in most sports would have to make should the us become more similar to the rest of the world when it comes to developing top tier athletes.

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Re: Klay Thompson Drafted Into NBA

Post by Red » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:51 pm

crayegg wrote:
Obviously we (USA, Uncle Sam, yada yada yada) need to rethink our immigration policy regarding elite athletes. :mrgreen:
Finally, a wise comment.

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