Dirty Harry Does it again

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Re: Dirty Harry Does it again

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Luca's points are valid.

A general comment or two here, but nbody wants to give Brophy credit for being exceptionally well prepared. Yes they played on Wednesday, but THAT was a very vanilla exhibition against a very overmatched opponent with several starters held out. They obviously spent months going over SM film play by play and seemingly knew exactly what was coming each snap a la MD in 2011. Ironically, given the heat and size of the players in question, it wasn't until the last drive when the o-line stepped up and took command that they finally exerted their will. You would have thought that Brophy's smaller and quicker front seven would have risen to the challenge one last time like they did for the first 42 minutes. Remember, it was 21-14, SM was deep in their own end, and despite a statistical, size and talent advantage the game was still in doubt. Harry probably told his offense - "we're either going to be men and salt this away with a 6 minute drive or you're going to turn it over (or get another blocked punt) and we possibly lose. What's it gonna be boys?!?"

Lastly, if that was Pam Ward on the play by play, and I can't remember if it was or not, but I think it was, she's horrible anyway and in no position to toss stones. Her remarks in the past led to a very quiet demotion where she is now banished from even doing Big East games on ESPN2 let alone the early morning Big Ten or mid-day Big XII or ACC games she once called on ESPN. Before the Jerry Sandusky scandal the most dreaded words in the English language a Penn State fan could hear would be, "This is Pam Ward coming to you live from Beaver Stadium in State College Pennsylvania!"
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