Public and Private D1

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Re: Public and Private D1

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Please stop with the inaccurate example of Bishop Gorman using the Santa Margarita model.

Bishop Gorman was a small inconsequential Catholic school that opened in downtown Las Vegas in 1954. For five decades it was a small and inconsequential innercity school far from whatever suburban wealth existed in Las Vegas much like Daniel Murphy, Salesian, Pater Noster or Verbum Dei are/were millions of miles from LA let alone South Orange County affluence.

The example you keep bringing up is akin to suggesting Bishop Gorman coming out of nowhere and starting from scratch in 2007 at it's current location. Bishop Gorman, rather than shuttering their facility and rebranding under a new name - which is what I would have suggested - packed up after 53 hu-hum years and moved dozens of miles away which has never happened to any other high school in LA or OC.

Bishop Gorman was given the opportunity to re-locate from their decrepit campus to a more desirable, affluent and prosperous suburban environment. Santa Margarita built their enrollment and campus from scratch, Stop using them as comps.

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Re: Public and Private D1

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Regardless of the name of the school, it's exactly what they did-build a new HS as the centerpiece of a planned urban development. It also had major financial backing that built some of the best athletic facilities of any high school in the country (including an on-campus stadium that attracted players from all over Las Vegas-and beyond).

SM proved the model which BG copied.

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