JSerra vs. East (SLC)

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Re: JSerra vs. East (SLC)

Post by RedPillWonderland » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:34 pm

Wait, so let me get this straight. Maseuli went from “great kid and a mauler” to putting a “severe beating” on a Cathedral Catholic classmate in only 3-4 posts? Geez, mauler indeed lol. There must have been a story about this in the SD Union Trib, no?

Especially for a 6-3, 315 lb, 16 year old Pac 12 caliber OL prospect, on a state runner-up team. Who was basically forced to transfer due to nearly beating a kid to death, right? I mean, that would be headline news! “Tonight on KNSD News at 11, PRIVATE SCHOOL SCANDAL”

You would almost think a fine catholic institution like JSerra wouldn’t have even admitted the kid if SDCC was so vehemently protesting his move due to such a beating inflicted on a poor Dons co-Ed. Unless the suspended Narbonne administrators have been hired down in San Juan Capistrano.

Is there a missing piece? Seems like the kid is otherwise enrolled as a JSerra student, so they obviously didn’t block his admission. Is he good to play in 2020 for his senior season? Are there any details on how this “severe beating” and Cathedral Catholic complaint was swept under the rug all offseason until just before football kickoff?

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Re: JSerra vs. East (SLC)

Post by OCurbanlegend » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:04 am

KuppRunneth I never saw this answer is : YES he was going to be suspended at his last school.

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