Computer models over estimated Antarctic ice melting

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Computer models over estimated Antarctic ice melting

Post by kramer » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:46 am

From the American Geophysical Union:
Elephant seals help uncover slower-than-expected Antarctic melting

21 June 2012
AGU Release No. 12-31
For Immediate Release

. . .

It turns out that past studies, which were based on computer models without any direct data for comparison or guidance, overestimate the water temperatures and extent of melting beneath the Fimbul Ice Shelf. This has led to the misconception, Hattermann said, that the ice shelf is losing mass at a faster rate than it is gaining mass, leading to an overall loss of mass. The model results were in contrast to the available data from satellite observations, which are supported by the new measurements.

The team’s results show that water temperatures are far lower than computer models predicted, ... ... 2-31.shtml
In summary, somebody coded warmer water temperatures [an intentional bias?] into a model that resulted in the model predicting more ice melting than what has actually been occurring.
“We should have been warned by the CFC/ozone affair because the corruption of science in that was so bad that something like 80% of the measurements being made during that time were either faked, or incompetently done.”

- Scientist James Lovelock

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