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Current solar minimum potentially a potent force for cooling

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:53 am
by kramer
Global warming slows but beware complacency:
8:14am EST By Gerard Wynn

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The solar cycle may also help explain a recent fall in the Earth's surplus heat, U.S. climate scientist James Hansen and co-authors reported in a 2011 paper, "Earth's energy imbalance and implications".

Greenhouse gases create a temporary, planetary energy imbalance by absorbing light at infra-red wavelengths, causing the atmosphere to radiate less heat into space and forcing the planet to warm up until it is once more in balance with the energy it gets from the sun.

But the solar cycle was in decline from around 2002-2009, cutting the energy reaching the Earth's surface. (See Chart 3)

"The longevity of the recent protracted solar minimum, at least two years longer than prior minima of the satellite era, makes that solar minimum potentially a potent force for cooling," Hansen and his co-authors said. ... 8H20130111
No need to worry about cooling or a mini ice-age, the "control knob" of the world's temperature will counteract any dimming from the Sun and keep us from cooling...

The"control knob" in action: