They keep on getting wackier...

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They keep on getting wackier...

Post by Troglodyte »

For first time, Surf City readies for sea-level rise

Huntington Beach, for the first time, is working on a plan to protect residents and businesses if climate change over the next century results in a rise in sea levels.

The City Council recently voted to apply for a $115,000 grant from the California Ocean Protection Council to pay for an assessment of the city's vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

Other coastal cities, including Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and San Clemente, are looking at their risk factors and studying how to prepare for sea level changes. <snip>

Guess they're planning on building dikes, just like Holland, on the landward side of PCH.. :lol:
That would probably solve the fire ring "problem", and cut down the riff raff from NPB...
Hell, I'll just build a second home on top of this one and put a boat dock off the porch..
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Re: They keep on getting wackier...

Post by crayegg »

So where is the wackiness?

Sounds like prudent planning to me. $115K sounds like a lot to you and me but is really rather modest for this kind of thing.

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Re: They keep on getting wackier...

Post by Fordama »

Yes. Can't see how acting on the best information at hand could be considered whacky.

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Re: They keep on getting wackier...

Post by afan95 »

I'm sure when they're done, any findings they have will include wetland area that can be developed so that the developer can get the go ahead to do it just by paying for the work.
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