PNAS study: COLD periods in China drove droughts, locusts, epidemics

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PNAS study: COLD periods in China drove droughts, locusts, epidemics

Postby kramer » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:32 pm

"It's also not the first time ancient climate cooling events have been linked to an increase in infectious disease."

From Scientific American:

Records from Ancient China Reveal Link Between Epidemics and Climate Change
A new study suggests that long periods of cold, dry weather helped drive epidemics in ancient and pre-modern China

...a new study finds a link between epidemics and a cold climate.

By analyzing Chinese records throughout nearly 2,000 years of history—from between A.D. 1 and 1911—researchers have found that climate-driven disturbances like floods, droughts and locust outbreaks were associated with disease epidemics. The findings, published yesterday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, particularly suggest that climate-related agricultural failures may have led to famines and declines in human health and nutrition, which made communities more susceptible to infection.

Interestingly, the study suggests that long periods of cold, dry weather were the primary facilitators of epidemics in the past. The records suggest that cold periods in ancient and pre-modern China were associated with an increase in the frequency of droughts, as well as attacks of locusts.
As a result, the scientists write, "climate cooling could have resulted in collapsed agricultural production and reduced health conditions due to famine, thereby increasing the prevalence of human epidemic events."

click for full story (and for the some required 'global warming is still dangerous and happening" reminders that scientists have been taught to add to articles that give skeptics ammunition...)

CO2: It's greening the earth resulting in a better climate. It's causing crops to grow bigger. It's causing seaweed to grow more giving ocean life more food to eat. It's resulting in lower heating bills. And now it could result in less epidemics and locust swarms.

Do we owe Exxon, Chevron, et al a debt of gratitude?

“We should have been warned by the CFC/ozone affair because the corruption of science in that was so bad that something like 80% of the measurements being made during that time were either faked, or incompetently done.”

- Scientist James Lovelock

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