Mysterious explosions in Alhambra

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Mysterious explosions in Alhambra

Postby John Q. Public » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:03 pm

I've been reading about these since February. They've been hearing these fairly large explosions - 114 of them. Most have been in the north-east corner of town but not all of them. They haven't done any damage, nobody's been able to pinpoint where they've come from and nobody's found any residue. And they've been looking. They even called Cal Tech in to see if anything has registered on their seismometers and... nothing. ... causing-it

Anybody care to take a stab at it?

My guess, since they aren't all that far from Cal Tech, is maybe something like a story I heard about Nicola Tesla doing some kind of experiment with large amounts of (static?) electricity that he was aiming into the ground and the shock waves just happened to be hitting the rock substrate and bouncing up right under the local police station. Oh, those wacky geniuses! Except I'd think something like that would register on a seismometer. But what would I know? The closest I ever came to going to Cal Tech was driving by it.

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Re: Mysterious explosions in Alhambra

Postby Luca » Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:44 pm

Swamp gas. Pay no attention to it. Move along...............Luca

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Re: Mysterious explosions in Alhambra

Postby Omar Bongo » Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:57 pm

I read somewhere that it's been narrowed down to either a top-secret government weapons testing program or bovine flatulance
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