What browser extensions do you use?

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What browser extensions do you use?

Post by John Q. Public »

Just curious (I say that a lot, don't I?). I was using one of my browser extensions this morning and it got me wondering which ones - if any - other people use. They can be invaluable in some cases or they can be totally useless. What do you use?

Mine are mostly webmastering-type tools.

  • Alexa Sparky
  • Avast Web Rep
  • Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics
  • DOM Inspector (told ya)
  • Download Helper (handy for saving web videos)
  • Firebug (and related)
  • Foxy SEO Tool
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Avast Web Rep
  • IP Address and Domain Information
  • PHP Console
  • Window Resizer
IE, Opera and Safari: none. I only use them occasionally.
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Re: What browser extensions do you use?

Post by Brooke »

I had no idea I had so many. Could this be one reason my computer is slowing down a bit:

Firefox Extensions:

Adblock Plus
Photobucket Uploader
Print Edit
QucikFox Notes
Readnotify.com Plugin
Speed Dial
Website City + Country Info

Firefox Plugins:

Flip4Mac Windows Media Plug-in
Google Earth Plugin
Java Plugin 2 NPAPI browsers
Microsoft Office Live Plugin
Quicktime Plug-in
Shockwave Flash
Silverlight Plug-in
Unity Player
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