iPad mini?

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iPad mini?

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Very impressed with the iPad mini. Was thinking about getting my wife the kindle fire HD. She loves her kindle reader and wanted something with a backlight that was still light and portable. The fire is that and more. But the min is pretty cool and seems to fit the bill. You can still have the kindle app and access to amazon for books and music. Plus you get access to all the apple content.

I am writing this post on an iPad so I am very familiar with what the do. The mini is just a smaller version.

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Re: iPad mini?

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I bought my wife a Kindle Fire last December for her birthday. It's tough to pry it out of her hands. She just downloaded the ENTIRE works of Anthony Trollope for $2.95

I am thinking about the iPad mini...just what I need one more functioning computer...I think I'll wait...this laptop is only one year old.
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