A Privacy Lesson, Courtesy of Zuckerberg

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A Privacy Lesson, Courtesy of Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg created a stir over an Instagram post this summer of him at his desk. If you look closely, you’ll see tape covering the Facebook CEO’s laptop camera and microphone jack. Does he know something we don’t? Well, yes.

Hackers are virtually (pun intended) everywhere. Mr. Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked in early June, before the photo was taken. The Democratic National Committee had 20,000 emails released on WikiLeaks right before the party’s July convention. The Federal Reserve recently admitted it’s had more than 50 cyberbreaches over the past five years. In August the National Security Agency, which says its role is to “lead the U.S. Government in cryptology” got, you guessed it, hacked.


So, is privacy dead? Not really. Any financial company that gets hacked is not doing its job and you should drop it. Security tools are getting better though more expensive. While they are a burden on customers and employees—extra time and passwords to remember—it’s better than losing money or having your dirty laundry aired. Ask Sony.

Don’t trust institutions—you have to protect yourself. Encrypt everything. A phone with fingerprint access is a must. Keep valuable information offline—“air gap” by unplugging the Ethernet cable. Use multifactor or two-step authentication. With two-step, when you log in to your email from a new device, you’re asked for a six-digit code that gets texted to your phone. Unless they have your phone, no one in China or Estonia is going to steal your email, even if they know your password. Mine is Bosco.

OK, I probably shouldn’t have told you that. Remember the CEO of LifeLock who shared his Social Security number in 2007, claiming he couldn’t be hacked? It wasn’t long before someone successfully took out a loan in his name. Now where is that duct tape for my laptop?

http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-privacy-l ... 1473808798


I now have a Post-It note loosely covering the camera on my computer. I have wondered why I see display ads on topics that my spouse and I have been discussing, but that I've never searched on the Internet. He did, and I wondered whether they got to me because with my desktop and his laptop and WIFI, whether we share the same IP address..
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Re: A Privacy Lesson, Courtesy of Zuckerberg

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I've never heard of ads listening but advertisers do know a lot about us just from our browsing habits and standard demographic profiling. And then there's all the things we - and our friends - just flat out tell them on Facebook. I've wondered about that thing with people who have the same IP address because I've had a few that looked like they'd be better directed at the FB but there are so many situations where people share IPs (phones, public wi-fi, even many cable companies) that filtering out the ones that are home systems would be near impossible. But all bets are off if you share a computer even once. They can know the machine's habits but they can't know who's sitting at it.

Now if I could just figure out why they think I have some interest in in-vitro fertilization. There are times when every ad on this page and the prime spot on Facebook is for that, and boy, they couldn't find a wronger guy if they had to! Kinda tells me how little they actually know about us.

BTW, fingerprint ID is great unless they have your phone and either a fingerprint or a picture of it. Definitely not recommended for people in the crime business.
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