The New York Times to be accessible to Californians with library cards

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The New York Times to be accessible to Californians with library cards

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Or so they say. I looked on the LA County Library site but I didn't see it. No word on if they're doing it in other states or what libraries it covers. Or... maybe I'm misunderstanding it and you have to be on the library's wi-fi. But it doesn't sound like it.

Now if other papers would do something similar, or at least come up with an affordable way of subscribing to multiple papers. I'd be broke if I tried to subscribe to all the papers I'd want to read.
California’s 23 million library card holders in the state may access by visiting on a library computer, or on their own device while connected to the library’s Wi-Fi. Library card holders can access from anywhere through their library’s website.” Residents without a library card may visit their local branch to apply for one. The program will also include monthly events at select library branches.


Library patrons may access unlimited content including video, photos and multimedia like VR and AR features, as well as personalized access to The Times’s collection of email newsletters, such as California Today. Spanish and Mandarin Chinese versions are also available, and patrons can access content dating back to 1851. ... libraries/ (counts toward the paywall)
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