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Relocating Angels could cost up to $700 million

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:15 am
by LanceSterling
ANAHEIM – A consultant on Tuesday told the City Council that it could cost $600 million to $700 million to relocate the Angels baseball team to another city within Southern California, likely financed with help from an outside investor. ... adium.html

Anyone think a company would spend this kind of money to move 10 miles down the road?

Re: Relocating Angels could cost up to $700 million

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:53 am
by John Q. Public
Moreno would be foolish to give up the location. Well, unless he moved them to Industry. Tustin or Irvine would be moving away from the population center. Even if it's just a few miles, the North OC and LA County fans would see it as a longer drive. He could lose some South OC attendance if he moved to Industry but he'd stand to gain people from a more densely populated area.

Besides, "The LA Angels of Walnut" has a certain caché about it. :mrgreen:

Re: Relocating Angels could cost up to $700 million

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:14 pm
by not4u13
Moreno will move if Anaheim doesn't give him what he wants. There is already a history of bad blood on the negotiations front with the whole LA vs. Anaheim thing. He is a business man with a long memory and he has a marketing plan for the team that will make him money. If the city does anything that stands in the way of that, he will find a way to finance the move. The situation is more precarious than we would like to think and the city of Anaheim has little power to bluff. That is why they had the study done and published. They want to make it look like moving would be foolish to try and gain public support for their plan to stand firm with the organization.

I have no special insight so I will freely admit that the above is my marginally informed opinion on the matter. I have followed the saga since Disney sold the team and every move that Moreno has had is consistent with his original stated purpose for purchasing the team. He believes he can make money but only if MLB and the fans see it as a major market team. To make that happen, he will need a new stadium either now or in the next few years. Better luxury suites where he can create a top dollar experience for corporations are a part of that major market plan.