Moura and Smith commentary

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Moura and Smith commentary

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In regards to Pedro Moura and Marcia Smith commentary in the Register where it seems they both would have liked Josh Hamilton to have a second chance. I would like to see them both pay let's say $10,000 apiece to his salary and then see if they think are getting what they bargained for. It's easy to be a bleeding heart and wish the best for Mr Hamilton and in regards to his personal life I hope he can shed all the demons. However when you accept a paycheck of ungodly proportions the payer deserves to get value for his money. It is funny the psychology of people, as long as they are not paying the $25 million a year the rich guys (Mr Moreno) need to keep giving those second third fourth chances. I wonder what Mr Moura and Ms Smith would say if they contracted to have their houses painted and the painters quit in the middle and still wanted to be paid for the entire job?
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Re: Moura and Smith commentary

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Sometimes a train wreck is something best put behind you, and Josh Hamilton was definitely a train wreck. By all accounts, he was a very likable guy, and divorces or alcohol/drug relapses can happen to anyone. But his half-hearted, who-gives-a-damn flailing at low outside pitches for two years had me gnawing at my colon. I'm thrilled he's gone.

It's too bad the Angels could never field an outfield of Josh Hamilton, Vernon Wells and Gary Matthews Jr., because those three guys represent $155 million the Angels paid them to play for someone else.

Go Ducks!
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