Rick Perry wants schools interrupred all day for pray.

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Re: Rick Perry wants schools interrupred all day for pray.

Post by GOODave » Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:02 am

[quote="Vilepagan"]I understand you live to find fault with what I post, but are you now going to take me to task for what I don't post? Are you going to lecture me now on the proper way to express myself on the death of a fellow poster? If you're going to do that, perhaps you can explain to us all how you are in a position to do so. I didn't see any special outpouring of grief or support from you on Wiley's untimely passing. Did you even bother to post a thread about it in "Forum News" or any other place where it might be seen by the general membership, or by those who knew Wiley from the political debates here? I didn't even know it happened until days later. I noticed one post in the "death pool" thread that seemed like it might be a joke, and then I got a PM from a member asking me if Wiley had indeed passed away. I didn't know, so I sent a PM to another mod asking them. They directed me to the thread in "High School". If you (or anyone else) had seen fit to post a thread in the general area or even in "politics" I would have paid my respects, but you didn't do so. In short, if you wish to know my thoughts on Wiley's passing, you should ask.

I might have expressed it with an edge you found uncomfortable, but as I've told others by PM and e-mail, I actually respected the observation that you did not hike in with the hypocrites who loudly disrespected him here while he was alive but proclaimed their respect and friendship after he died.

Frankly, I do not want to know your thoughts about Steve Burt (or his Wiley personae) in here or by PM because if has been my observation that you criticized his beliefs and values and disdained his presence here. Rightly or wrongly, it was my perception you had no use or respect for Wiley.

However, I am sorry I put that edge on my comment: That you stayed away from the Steve Burt, RIP thread showed me you WERE finally respecting him.

As for my own outpouring of grief or support on Wiley's untimely passing, I hope you did NOT see any: This is hardly the venue for such given the Wiley distracters present here in such numbers: When I do find the appropriate venue, you can rest assured I will appropriately avail myself of it.

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