US Coal Exports are up 60.3%

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Re: US Coal Exports are up 60.3%

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On June 1 President Trump ordered the US Department of Energy (DOE) to “prepare immediate steps” to keep money-losing coal and nuclear power plants running, soon after the Trump administration floated a plan to force utilities to buy from these plants.

On July 19, economists from the Brattle Group published a report "The Cost of Preventing Baseload Retirements: A Preliminary Examination of the DOE Memorandum” which analyzes several scenarios under the DOE’s sketchy draft plan.

federal regulations would essentially force ratepayers to cover sunk costs in coal and nuclear, as opposed to merely throwing coal and nuclear a lifeline to keep them going. Under this scenario, Brattle economists estimated a total cost of between $20 and $35 billion per year for the entire US. ... 0-per-year
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