Federal Judge Assassination Attempt

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Federal Judge Assassination Attempt

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This guy sounds similar...

Federal authorities on Monday said Den Hollander is suspected of shooting the husband and son of US District Judge Esther Salas at her North Brunswick, New Jersey

On his website, Roy Den Hollander described himself as an "anti-feminist" lawyer who defended "men's rights." His personal writings and life's work reveal a toxic stew of sexist and racist bigotry. On his website, Den Hollander wrote an autobiographical document in which he personally disparaged Salas in racist and sexist terms.

While speaking about Salas, he claimed he often ran into trouble with female judges of Latin American descent, claiming they were "driven by an inferiority complex."

He attacked Salas' professional record and associations, and at one point, appeared to push a white nationalist belief that organizations are "trying to convince America that whites, especially white males, were barbarians, and all those of a darker skin complexion were victims."
https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/20/us/suspe ... index.html

Should a been a media figure or a long shot candidate for president. :steam:
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