HS football and Moline and Theriot...Is Chow the man

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Re: HS football and Moline and Theriot...Is Chow the man

Postby pshaw » Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:28 am

socalfootballfan wrote:Why is everyone wasting their time talking about a walk on FB who does not even play? :eh?:

How can you have so many posts and not know that it's not really about him at all? :eh?:

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Re: HS football and Moline and Theriot...Is Chow the man

Postby georgeklein » Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:46 am

Luca wrote:Luca agrees. Luca loves the comparison. The Heisman candidate averaging 125 yards per game versus the walk on occasional special teams player with one carry in three years on arguably the worst running offense in the continental US. Luca can hardly tell them apart they are so close in ability and performance. Both have two legs, walk upright and wear helmets. Only their mothers would know the difference. Nough said.

Luca can only wonder what is wrong with Norm Chow, the best offensive coordinator in college football for years, that he cannot see this treasure in his midst. 775 bench, 4.09 40yd, 42 inch vertical. Luca books it. The big backfield, Tustin double tight/double wing, buck lateral/Notre Dame shift pounding away with that offensive line........ Bo Schembechler, ho.......... the lore, the lore......

Denne uheldige mannen bryr seg ikke om at han er ydmykende hans sønn og gjøre hiself ligne anus av en hest. Det handler om Max og hans tvangsmessige behov for oppmerksomhet. Alle må se på meg.


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Wait. I know you. Ya got no lab test doc. Without a lab test no one knows. Norm chow is not even in the top ten of offensive coordinators in the PAC 10 - putting Norm as an elite OC in today's BCS climate is much like the babble you write. Luca, why does George appeal to you? Is there something you want to share about you and the attraction to my posts?
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Re: HS football and Moline and Theriot...Is Chow the man

Postby Luca » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:17 am

You speak any Norwegian, Max? Luca

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