Anouncing the 2017 OC Connect Membership Drive!

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Anouncing the 2017 OC Connect Membership Drive!

Post by John Q. Public » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:15 pm

Sorry, no coffee mugs or tote bags or "Prairie Home Companion" videos or concerts interrupted every 5 minutes by minor celebrities begging for money. Not much of anything, really, except a "Become a member" button. For now. The button is at the top of the sidebar and the top of the mobile pages and it's only visible if you're not logged in. Which... is what non-members would be. We'll see how it works. I'm also thinking about adding something similar at the top of the main part of the pages, maybe with an ad in it that members don't see to irritate people into joining, but I don't know how well those work. I don't think I've ever signed up to get rid of one. And I figure I already do enough things to irritate the members, I don't really need to also irritate the non-members.

The "Who's Online" block always says we have about three times as many "guests" as members and Google says we get maybe 200 "new users" a day (your guess is as good as mine what that actually means or whether they're human or not). But considering the number went way up for league playoffs this year (disappointingly, not so much for CIF), I'm guessing many are human and maybe likely to be good, active members if we could just get them to take the plunge and sign up.

Google also says our bounce rate (mostly people who check the Active Topics or the HS forum, see that there's nothing new and leave) has gone from 20% to as high as 48% this month. Yes, the season's over and it's the Holidays and all, but that's still kind of troubling. You only have to click one link to not be counted as a bounce, so it means there hasn't been anything new, or interesting, for people to read. And that's where I think new members might come in handy. The more the merrier and the more, the more interesting for all of us - hopefully. Assuming that those 200 people/day aren't 200 would-be trolls/day.

We seem to get plenty of readers. I think what we need is to encourage more of them to join and post, so any suggestions on that are more than welcome. Make it easier to join, somehow? Make a super-secret, members-only forum? Allow access to some kind of members-only content? Lord only knows what that would be, though. Free coffee and doughnuts? Free beer? Dancing girls? Anybody seen anything on other sites that's made them want to join?
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