Has anyone ever gotten PM spam from the site?

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Has anyone ever gotten PM spam from the site?

Post by John Q. Public » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:17 pm

Or email spam? I saw a post about it on another forum and I guess it would be possible but I've never seen it. I'm not talking about someone sending you, say an email about a football clinic or something they think you personally might be interested in, but actual spammers using the site's functions to send unwanted messages about some great deal on fake Rolexes or some such.

We get spammers registering pretty regularly and I usually delete them on their first post or when I see the link in their signature or in their profile, but I haven't deleted a few that looked questionable otherwise - like somebody from the Philippines who didn't who didn't do anything obvious but didn't post anything or only made one post, maybe to test us. I wouldn't have realized it at the time but that could have been what they were up to.

If you do get such a thing, please report it and I'll dispatch the account right away. There's a button for that on PM's but not on emails. And I'm not sure if members can email each other. I get a link for it but I'm not sure if other people do. I'll never sell anyone's address, so please don't bother me if you got something you suspected was because you registered here. You didn't. But emails from the site are clearly labeled as such, so if you ever get one that is clearly spam, please use the email or PM function to send me a copy of it. I try really hard to keep the place spam free but those people can be sneaky.
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