New word added to the word censor

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New word added to the word censor

Post by John Q. Public » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:44 pm

It seems that Google Adsense, which is sort of critical to the site's staying alive, has decided that a commonly used slang term for "transmission" and "transsexual" (rhymes with "Granny") is "dangerous or derogatory content" and is a violation of their terms and conditions. And so I had to remove or edit all 54 occurrences of it and add it to the censoring list. But now that I did, I see their point. It has been used twice to mean "transmission," twice innocently to mean "transsexual" and 50 times as a pejorative. Those were deleted and the others were edited. I'm just thankful this isn't an automotive site. Fifty-four of them took long enough to go through.

So. Proofread. That's what the "Preview" button is for. And don't come whining to me when you try to insult someone and call him a transmission. And, as always, trying to fool the word censor will likely get you a warning - especially in this case, since I didn't get a choice in the matter.
Don't look at me, I just work here.

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