Will Toys R Us closing affect you?

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Will Toys R Us closing affect you?

Post by John Q. Public » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:00 pm

I feel bad for the employees and I feel no pity for the owners. We've been seeing the effects of leveraged buyouts since they started back in the '80's and this is only the latest of them to eventually crash and burn.

But, considering TRU has pretty much been the only toy store for many years now, I have to think its closing will have to have a pretty big effect on our shopping habits. Walmart and Target have toy sections, everything Toys R Us sells is available on Amazon (and then some) and some of the manufacturers sell their products directly, but Toys R Us has been the only dedicated toy store where you could touch and feel a big selection for as long as many people have been alive. I have to think that's going to have an effect. Somehow, letting your kid browse through Amazon when he gets a good report card or wins a soccer game doesn't sound the same.

But it could be a great opportunity for good, old fashioned, independent toys stores. There has been a slight upswing lately in the book store business, maybe it will happen with toys. Or maybe Walmart will step in like they did with grocery stores. It could be interesting.

I'm pulling for the independents but that might just be because I'm old and that's what I remember from my childhood.
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